I am an animal-lover and have a life-long fondness of dogs. I’ve always had Setters and when my third one passed away due to pneumonia I worried that if I had had a jacket for him he would not have fallen ill. One minute he was his usual energetic self – running and frolicking and the next day he was on death’s door. He had had pneumonia before but had pulled through, and this may sound silly, but, I promised myself my next dog would have a little coat to ensure warmth and some protection whatever the time of year.

So when our new puppy Daisy came home with us, rather than buy a canine jacket that comes in “one-size” and doesn’t seem to fit any dog well, I decided to make her one made to measure. It fitted her beautifully and she loved her dog’s jacket and I had peace-of-mind knowing she was wrapped up. Though there is no scientific proof or link with dog’s protection from illness with a dog jacket, I soon realised just how useful my “Doggiemac” and “RD” jacket were.

Like many beloved canines, our dogs are taken for walks whatever the weather – in the rain or shine, muddy or dry or even in the snow! In bad weather conditions Daisy’s tummy and feathers would be filthy – I would have to wash her legs and tummy to remove the caked on dirt and of course this was time consuming. The Doggiemac not only helped with protecting Daisy’s fur and body from the mud, it was shower-proof and stopped our dogs smelling especially if they had rolled in fox-poo! (Washing your ‘Doggiemac’ is much easier than washing your dog). Plus, it really helped save my wooden floors from getting covered in dirt that she would usually pick up in her fur.

Soon enough, friends wanted one… So I began ordering materials and making up little ‘Doggiemacs’ at home to order.

It was in this way that Rainydaiz Dog Clothing was born! The name was easy to come up with, we have one dog called Rainey and one called Daisy = Rainydaiz

Rainydaiz Dog Clothing is my passion project – providing custom ‘Doggiemacs’ in a variety of durable, stylish and fun materials. All handmade with love, to spread the happiness and care that a ‘Doggiemac’ and RD jacket offers our furry friends.