Have you considered a dog jacket for your four-legged friend?

Dogs have their own coats so they don’t technically need jackets but sometimes it is very useful to have one. A coat for a dog works in much the same way as it does for a human – it is an added layer of protection from the rain and cold, it covers longer hair like feathers on the tummy so that it doesn’t drag in the mud and dirt and it keeps your dog cleaner. With a jacket for your dog you will find there is less need for washing your dog after muddy walks! 

Dog coats are offered in many pet boutiques and online but they are usually one-size-fits all and this tends to mean that they don’t actually fit any dog particularly well. Ill-fitting dog coats are irritating for your pet and will not be comfortable, so they won’t want to wear one.

Rainydaiz Dog Clothing is my home business that offers custom dog jackets – Doggiemacs and RD jackets, made with your unique dog in mind. Simply provide your dog’s measurements, select your preferred style and material and give me a little time to create a coat your dog will be proud of.

You can expect to wait 17-days from your order to dispatch – this is because all Doggiemacs are handmade with love.

Find out more about Rainydaiz here or order your Doggiemac or RD jacket today by clicking here.

I’m an Irish Setter who hated getting wet even worse having to be dried. My Mum has solved my problem she has got me two coats from Rainydaiz. They go on quickly without any fuss so I don’t get pulled about. Best of all they keep me lovely and dry all over especially my tummy. Still have to have my feet wiped but I can put up with that. The material is lovely I have a blue one but my favourite is the purple. If you like me hate getting wet ask your owner the buy you a coat from Rainydaiz I can highly recommend them.

Lucy , Irish Setter Kent

“We are thrilled with Dennis’s lovely dog coat, he loves wearing it and looks very proud as he ambles about the countryside, the envy of all his doggie friends!”

Lucy Hall

Fantastic coat. Looks great, really well made and keeps our setter mud free on a wet day.

Lara Davis